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BIM Creation

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is one of the hottest topics in construction, & more & more projects say they need BIM. But what does BIM mean to you & your business? Why should you get involved?


There are is a common misconception that BIM means 3D design. In fact, it's much more. BIM is a process for creating & managing all of the information on a project – before, during & after construction. The output of this process is the Building Information Model, the digital description of every aspect of the built asset.


So it’s not CAD!?

NO! A BIM model is a 3D representation of a product, building or development BUT it also has all of the information applicable to the project embedded into it! Does this sounds complex? Let Deeo help you take the confusion out of BIM model creation! It’s not Voodoo, we help demystify what a BIM model is, what it has to contain & then create it for you without the need for you to invest in expensive hardware, software & training.



We take your 2D drawings, 3D CAD or we can even 3D scan or measure on-site & create compliant, information-rich, simplified 3D models. We utilise some of the most recognised software to produce it, selected on its relevance or your client specification. The right tool for the job.


From a Table to Tower Block

No matter if your product goes in the building, or is the building, our team can support any part of the BIM creation process for you. Our team is selected to align with the needs of your project & come time-served in the use of the software as well as the knowledge of the construction they are required to assist with. Our team are based across the UK & can be on-site as well as off location – the choice is yours. All of the data they create however will be completed in our virtual design studio alongside their colleagues, ensuring your project is developed in the most efficient way.


Building across the Globe

We can support international projects & teams that are spread across the globe utilising our unique virtual platform. From Vietnam to Houston, Dubai to Peckham, no matter where you & your team need additional support in BIM creation, Deeo’s team can support you.


We look forward to helping you create your building blocks that every architect, facilities & construction client will insist on you supplying in your future projects.


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