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Digital Engineering in the built environment brings together a projects 3D digital assets, data & documentation that will continue to grow throughout the life of the project. A true digital twin of the physical world!


The comprehensive knowledge of what can be achieved in a digital world is the game changing value Deeo brings to you & your business in the digital engineering of the built environment. Understanding the requirements through each stage of a developments life & the need for optimised BIM models containing datasets that can be utilised for a myriad of future applications.


Why bother?

With today’s technology it is hard to imagine that new Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) projects, from developments such as a Train Station, Office Building, Hospital right down to a Council owned apartment – are not being developed digitally. But it’s a business choice to whether to adopt BIM to its optimal capability. The UK government legislated in April 2016 all Public Sector projects have to be developed to BIM Level 2. But this means something to some businesses & nothing to others! But, in today’s digital world – it shouldn’t be prescribed – it should be the norm!


So what do we know?

There are three key services Deeo’s team & our partners bring to deliver to you making us the  go-to partner experience in the in the Digital Built Environment.


BIM Creation

Building Information Modelling support from the creation of your product as a BIM Object, to digitally constructing your latest development



THE ‘Digital Construction Site’

We have developed the UK’s first Digital Construction Site where multiple contractors can build your digital development as they would in reality!



AEC Life-Cycle Management

Once your master model has been created  the digital journey doesn’t end there - it’s just began! Find out how Deeo & partners can help you...



BIM Business Strategy Consultancy

So you know your organization or business needs to embrace BIM, but where do you start? Let us support you team in YOUR BIM  journey following out unique People, Process & Technology approach to BIM. Gain all of the advantages of BIM, day1.



We bring the above solutions together for you at Deeo, as we fully understand the ‘end game’ of what BIM &  digital engineering is capable of achieving in AEC.


There is a value to digital engineering & if done correctly, clients can hugely benefit from the digital delivery of their physical development! Be one of the innovators to do things right, develop in today’s world, bring value & save time.


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