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Posted Tuesday April 26th 2016

Being Europe’s first virtual design office means that most of our team work from wherever they are. In the most part they have a dedicated Home Office to work from, but what if your home doesn’t have a room that has be transformed into an office? What if you have young children that are home all day? Or you suffer from sporadic internet connection?


What options are you left with? Should you pass up the opportunity to work with a leader in innovation? No… & we have the answer to this problem! Deeo utilise the ever growing Co-Working spaces that are springing up all across the UK, Europe & the World. An instant Deeo office location, on your doorstep!


If you haven’t got the luxury of a dedicated Home Office where you can lock yourself away & work, a Co-Working Space is probably for you. This doesn't mean you can’t work from home sometimes – it’s just if you need that ‘place to go’ routine – a co-working space is the way we either provide or suggest our team work from.


"Wherever smart people work, doors are unlocked"

Steve Wozniak Co-Founder & technical brains of Apple’s creation


Co-Working Space?


Co-working is the use of an office or working environment by people who are either able to work from any location, self-employed or part of a start-up needing to get going without the expense of a dedicated office. Many members of our team working in these work environments & they truly love it!


People don’t want to work in tiny cubicles anymore. Working from home can be great but you may need to GET OUT! – Coffee shops can be distracting. But when you co-work, you have that local place to work & your inspiration goes through the roof. You’re surrounded by a ton of passionate people going for a dream.


Co-working spaces have increased by 400 percent in the last two years because they offer what forward thinking team members & businesses are looking for – community & collaboration.


Still not convinced? Here are a few facts about Co-working:


o 70% of Co-workers reported they felt healthier than they did working in a traditional office setting

o 64% of office co-workers are better able to complete tasks on time

o 68% said they were better focused

o 92% are satisfied with their co-working space

o 91% have better interactions with others after co-working

o 78% of co-workers are under 40

o 90% say they felt more confident while co-working

o 50% report higher incomes


So what are some of the benefits to co-working?


o Reduce your commute

o Work at a high quality office or location otherwise beyond your budget. Some spaces are situated in interesting & unusual buildings – Some of which are Grade I or II listed

o Tea & coffee (& sometimes cake) included in the costs

o Allow you to expand your personal & business networks with fun & ease

o Help you work more productively by surrounding yourself with others hard at work

o Gives you & increased sense of community & trust amongst peers

o No distractions from family members

o No temptations from the fridge & TV

o Be more motivated to work by surrounding yourself of hardworking professionals like you

o Be more creative

o Better work life balance

o Work in professional environment (get out of your home & your pyjamas)

o Get a professional working routine with your own schedule

o Work by yourself, not alone - Eliminate isolation

o Free yoga classes available at some spaces!

o Balconies or outside spaces for fresh air & al fresco working


Today, about half a million people worldwide are working in co-working spaces. Reports are saying that 2016 is the year that we’ll see over 10,000 co-working spaces in the UK open!


As Deeo is a forward thinking company that embraces the opportunity to allow our team to work from wherever they are, whenever they need to - the world is our office! We have looked around at many of the co-working spaces available today & put together a handy guide to show you the spaces we love across the UK. We have focused mostly outside of London as, as you would expect, we could have filled our report with a huge array of cool co-work spaces to offer there! That’s why we added the useful Co-Work Directory so you can have a look for yourself, no matter where you live.




We hope this helps you realise, there is a different way…


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