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THE ‘Digital Construction Site’

For all its benefits, BIM brings new challenges around creating & collaboratively developing new projects in a controlled way. The true value of BIM can only be realised when it is taken beyond the initial design team – to subcontractors, the owner & facility manager. Providing access to the model & allowing them to contribute & link other information are key.


We have now developed the UK’s first true ‘Digital Construction Site’– a virtual workplace where multiple contractors can develop a project in one digital place, real time – as they would in one physical place! This is where BIM Level 3 wants to be!

No more multiple copies of an out of date BIM model where each contractor develops their area of expertise, only to find, when brought into the master model – it clashes all over the place!


No more copies of master models of facilities & developments being passed around to whoever may have a laptop, DVD or Pen drive! This is information that should stay in one place & only be accessed by authorised users/developers. In today’s world – the last thing you want is a security breach even before the facility is built!


A Hosted Virtual Workplace

We have heavily invested in scaling our virtual design studio to allow our internal workload to be completed. But recognised that our clients could also benefit from working our way, so we expanded it even further! The HUB – our virtual design office, has now been expanded to allow us to offer it as a unique service to you! The HUB is where you & your team can utilise our high-specification workstations together in one shared dataset – all from our secure facility in the UK!


Master Model Hosting

No matter if we helped you develop your project or not, we can host master models for our clients. A true BIM dataset will live & be developed in parallel with the physical asset. Therefore, it needs to be hosted in a secure, yet accessible place.


Give us a call so we can show you how this works. The HUB is now hosting many developments – it’s as though we have a city in the sky.



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