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AEC Life-Cycle Management

Once you have created your digital asset (BIM dataset) in a pure & efficient way, you & the end user can reap huge benefits! From the management, maintenance & future re-configuration of the development to the wider physical, environmental & health optimisation of the area it is physically in – the digital asset created today will be as much a part of managing tomorrows world as it is today’s.


We work with two of the best AEC Life-Cycle Management partners to bring a one stop solution to the hosting of not only the master BIM model, but also the facilities/life-cycle model that is used day to day.


We can create & update all of your assets for you, or your team can do it themselves – it’s up to you! You’re safe in the knowledge that your building, facility, development or even city's emerging digital twin is hosted & managed from an MoD secure facility by a team that truly understands what you require & the value of your precious investment.



Sitedesk is a hosted construction solution to help you connect & control all your construction & BIM project data & documentation.


Sitedesk allows all members of a project team to minimise risk & maximise returns throughout the design, construction & operation of an asset.

Equally powerful in the field or in the office, it delivers near real-time visibility & enhanced project control through its ability to deliver & capture the latest project information, critical data sets & workflows that are essential for effective construction & ongoing operation of an asset.

Powerful yet simple to use, Sitedesk is a secure app that enables the full utilisation of 3D models, 2D documents & previously disconnected data allowing users to be more effective & efficient whilst delivering all phases of the asset lifecycle.


To see a quick sample of how powerful Sitedesk is, here is a building, created in BIM & then imported to Sitedesk. Section the whole dataset in one sweep of a mouse!


To see why companies large & small are adopting Sitedesk into their business, just give us a call & we can demonstrate how easy it really is to get to all of that valuable data in a BIM model, add to it & all from one cloud based secure solution!



Our cities are rapidly expanding; millions of new people are settling in urban environments each year. We need to develop new construction techniques that can keep up with the demand for environmentally-friendly structures & human-friendly spaces. This is BIG data & the reason Deeo are working alongside Dassault Systèmes in the use of their 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to develop city & region scale managed digital engineered solutions that will deliver unique solutions - as they are currently doing for Singapore!


Dassault Systèmes & the Prime Minister's Office in Singapore’s project ‘Virtual Singapore’ incorporates all sorts of data — including climate, demographics, energy consumption, building elevation, & even the location of trees —to create a virtual version of the urban area that can be used to figure out the impact of everything from an influx of wind energy to better disaster management planning.


The virtual twin of the city in the digital world will enable the physical city to become a place for people, not just lifeless bricks, steel & concrete. Within that network of data, the inhabitants of the city will have access to relevant information about the city to enhance their lives - where to shop, access to healthcare, transport timetables, notification of educational & leisure activities - the list of services for people is limited only by imagination.


To see more watch the video below

For large scale city & regional developments, a centralised big data cloud based platform, hosted from a secure location is the only way it can be achievable. That’s why we believe the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is truly the best solution to handle large scale projects.



With both the Sitedesk & the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform able to import BIM models from Revit, ArchiCAD, Tekla Structures & other popular products – this is a seamless solution.


Let us help you realise the full potential of your digital asset & give you the information at your fingertips, real time, from any device – wherever you are! In today’s digital world you don’t need to imagine reality anymore – it can be in your hand at the touch of a button!


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