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For the last 20 years, key members of Deeo’s team have been at the forefront of design innovation of one of the most important interfaces in a rail vehicle - the driver cab.


Take Shape

The sculpting of a drivers control desk & its surrounding environment requires a great deal of understanding in a variety of areas:


o Drivers day to day work-flow


o Ergonomic requirements to ensure a safe working area


o Mandatory sightline requirements to track styling / user interface / customer wishes


o Material selection & manufacturing process required to create a cost effective, maintainable end production product


We understand all of the above criteria & have successfully designed & advise in the development of over 15 different drivers cab areas for a variety of different vehicle types. As this is where all systems converge to control the train it is critical this environment is done with the right team.


Driver Comfort

The key to our success in the design of each cab environment, is our interest in what the end-user needs.  Taking every effort to understand the user's perspective of driving the vehicle & to adopt, where possible, enhancements to make their day-to-day driving experience more pleasurable. Our ergonomic assessments utilising our virtual mannequin’s also helps define the best solution way before manufacture of any prototype.


Take the guess work out of your next development of a driver’s cab. From a change of controls to a whole new environment – save time & cost by using our teams experience to take away your risk.


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