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Some of our senior designers have been on the toilet for years!


We have many year’s experience in the design & integration of Toilet Modules into rail vehicles, both in the UK & globally. Many companies manufacture vacuum toilet systems to process the waste & there are some companies that actually manufacture so called “turn-key” toilet modules. However, due to the gauge ranges of the rail vehicles & the frequency of new build train orders globally, a lot of “off the shelf” modules have to be re-designed specifically for the vehicle it is to go in.


Our team have designed toilet module solutions, integrating the best toilet systems into ergonomically designed “Plug & Play” modules sighting the water tanks & effluent tanks to the vehicle & accessing displacement issues.


Across the World

Our CEO has been part of a “Global Think Tank” to create a bio digest solution for third world countries transportation systems to reduce disease & save lives. Where mass populations travel by train, but the infrastructure & availability of water is an issue – we strive to develop a cost effective solution to answer this problem.


For any assistance in toilet solutions you may have, we would be glad to let you know how we can bring value to your problem.


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