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When it comes to rail vehicle design & engineering, there are many that say they can – but not many that can deliver. In this sector, our team have a long ‘track’ record in delivering solutions, concentrating mostly on the interior of the vehicles – the area most scrutinised by the staff & the public.


Nobody Does It Better

You will not find greater independent expertise than exists among the Deeo team of rail engineers. We provide 'windscreen to windscreen' experience in designing rail vehicle interiors. Our services include special focus on the most challenging environments, from the driver's cab to the on-board kitchen & toilet facilities. We also complete structural analysis for all our designs & are one of the first to have completed a train seat design that meets the criteria for GM/RT 2100 iss5.


Not the OLD way

We question “that’s how we have always done it” statements in all sectors we support, but especially in the rail sector. We bring fresh solutions, from other industry sectors in harmony with our years of rail vehicle design experience to create new solutions for you. From Hybrid physical & virtual mock-up’s, digital configurators that show a new interior design in multiple configuration’s & changeable at the touch of a button to light weight material solutions & advanced lighting technology. We want to break the mould & do something fit for the future, not the same as the past! Designed for manufacture – not Make it & Carve!


What We Do

These are the complex areas of a rail vehicle Deeo specialise in the design & engineering for both new & refurbished vehicles.



This is what can be prepared from a catering area designed by our team on a train Drivers Cab	This shows a futuristic train drivers cab desk arrangement that is speeding through a tunnel Concept design of a train interior This image shows a door open to a universal access train toilet module designed by Deeo 


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