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Reverse Engineering

To save our clients both time & money – when it comes to capturing digital special data of an existing product or facility - 3D scanning & reverse engineering is a must.


3D scanning technology is used in architecture, industry & many other fields. Thanks to the accuracy of today’s scanning equipment, we can digitally recreate objects into 3D CAD models. From there we can create a multitude of data!


The Key benefits to this digital approach to ensuring existing product data is captured are?


PRECISION - We can ensure, the accuracy, of measurements. We can scan to an accuracy of microns not mm’s if required!


SAFETY - Used scanners to capture data where it is not safe for people working in that environment


SAVE TIME - Save time in its digital creation


SAVE MONEY – Time is money right? 3D scanning & reverse engineering saves a lot of cost compared to the traditional ways of capturing information


Let us help you in the development of your product or construction, saving you time & money on the digital creation of your base data.



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