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Our physical office & the HUB are located in a £10+ million ex Government facility. Based in the heart of the UK, this tier 4 aligned data centre has security & resilience at its core & can be off-GRID for 28 days!


Throughout the design process - from concept > delivery > hosting your end product data – both Deeo’s team & your team can access your data from anywhere in the world – all from one secure place, the HUB.


We take your security very seriously – no more memory sticks & valuable intellectual property being passed around! Can your current design partner offer this level of care, accessibility & security of your precious designs?


Have a look at our facility > then decide your next partner?


 > Security

 > Power

•    24/7 CCTV in operation

•    Virtual tripwires to protect the


•    2.5m triple perimeter fencing

•    Security gatehouse & barriers

•    Intruder threat alerts

•    Proximity access cards required

        to access all areas of our facility


•    Backup diesel generators with 7

        days fuel on standby

•    N + N protection makes use of 2

        diverse UPS banks for complete

        fail over capabilities

 > Fire

•    Fire suppression systems

•    Smoke detection systems act as

        an early warning system

•    Fire extinguishing gaseous

        suppressant take the energy out

        of any fire within seconds

 > Cooling

•    Cold Isle Containment

•    Software controlled climate




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