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Special Purpose Machinery

From a widget machine to a steel mill line, we have designed & engineered solutions that are used today all over the world.


Continual Collaboration

Deeo's team of designers & engineers can work with you from the very beginning, to create special purpose machinery to fit your specifications & drawing on the knowledge & experience of some of Britain's brightest designers.


We embrace your own team throughout the design process, so your vision can be seen clearly in the finished product. Thanks to our virtual design office, all of your project files are stored in the HUB - & you can see the latest progress at any time.


Maximum Insight

Your machinery needs to serve a special purpose & that means you need specific expertise in the design stage. Our engineers are located all over the country & the HUB allows them to work from their own location - so you are never limited to the knowledge levels of those on your doorstep. We have the right team for your job.


Future Thinking

We believe in, if the specification gives us the opportunity too, designing intelligence into specialist machinery, leaving people to work safely & hopefully with more time to enjoy the finer things in life.


Take a look at all of the services we offer in the What We Do section & see how we can bring the best tools to assist your machine development.



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