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BIM Business Strategy Consultancy

Whether you are a local authority, a main contractor or a supplier of equipment to the AEC industries, BIM is going to affect you in a number of ways. But the implementation of BIM, does not have to be a daunting task. Nor does it need multinational consultancies with four figure day costs to be able to advise you on the best way to roll out BIM in your business!


We know BIM, we create BIM data sets & designs every day! We understand the technology & have created Europe’s first digital building site! We also know how to manage all of this asset data – the master model & the facilities model! All of this experience in the REAL world gives us the capability to say – we know what we are preaching as we not only live this world, we are evolving it.


 Our aim in our BIM Business Strategy Consultancy is to enable you to:


• Identify where your organisation is in relation to the BIM journey & what immediate & practical benefits you can gain with what you have today


• To develop your realistic BIM objectives – where am I now? / where do I need to get too?


• Create a BIM strategy for full implementation with minimum investment in software & training


• Understand & embrace technology that will be the foundation to future proofing your BIM strategy now! Why follow what has been done before by others if it’s not fit for purpose not only for today but the future?


• Understand how the strategy will reduce tendering, consultants & total project costs


• Have teams in different departments all reaping the rewards of your BIM strategy success


• Save time & money on trying to develop this yourself or employing people to advise you that have only understood the advantages of BIM/Digital Engineering from a book.


Following our unique People, Process & Techology approach to every step we take you on the BIM adoption journey, will not only ensure your success but allow you to realise the whole life & business benefit to adopting BIM – in the right way. Our approach is as you partner on the journey – not the gatekeeper to expense as most multinational providers are! We bring value by saving you time & money.


No matter what stage you are at on your BIM Journey, we can take the bumps out of the road & ensure you follow the correct roadmap. Your very own BIM Sat Nav!


We look forward to our discussion soon.



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