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the HUB

At the heart of Deeo is the HUB.


Based in the UK in a Tier4 datacentre, the HUB is a suite of Deeo owned technology that consists of high-specification secure servers & a private backed up data storage. From these servers, at present, we have the capability to deploy – in minutes - up to 40 high specifications “Virtual” workstations for our designers & engineers to use.

Our team connect from their location to their powerful workstation in the HUB, via a secure encrypted password protected connection. Once logged in, they complete their work together with other Deeo team members in a controlled & secure way.


All of the data the designers/engineers create or modify stays in the HUB. No data is transferred to their local machines. This means multiple members of our team can work on one master dataset – safe in the knowledge they are working on the latest development. A single source of truth!


Wherever, Whenever

The HUB frees up our designers, engineers & specialists at all levels to work anywhere, anytime, while our processes ensure that we have the cohesion, consistency & control to bring you the best results.


Join Us

We now host our cients virtual design platform from the HUB. Find out more – Click Here


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