Concept Design

So, you have an idea - an inspiration in your imagination – and now you want to develop it into something that could be the Next Big Thing! But where to start?

Our Imagine team are made up of a unique mix of ages, disciplines and experience to be able to assist your exploration of the initial feasibility of your idea. Through hand sketch, market viability and potential customer discussion we can quickly give you a feeling of if your idea has wings! Square wheels can be made but are not usually a good idea….
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Your Concept Team

Our team is made up of product designers from the Transportation and consumer product world, supported by our Design team made up from mechanical, electrical stress and human factors engineers. This blend of talent and experience gives our clients a unique piece of mind that a true considered view has been given to all aspects of their Concept development – not just a fancy sketch with no substance like many other consultancies.
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Developing Imagination

Once we have gone through an initial feasibility, or reviewed and agreed with one you have already done yourself, we will start to develop the principles of your design. We then move into the 3D world to prove its Form and Function. This initial 3D CAD data can then give us the ability to showcase your product using the Visualisation and Virtual Reality tools we have.
Let us start your development journey with you and help you realise the viability, beauty and potential your Imagination has produced!

We look forward to making your Imagination become a reality!

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