Digital Twin

Question? What do all of the sectors – Built Environment, Cities, Transportation, Engineering and Manufacturing (plus many many more) have in common. They are all going to be revolutionised by the adoption of Digital Twins to save them time and money in development, improvement and management.

So, what’s a Digital Twin?

Put simply, a Digital Twin is a 3D virtual representation of a physical product, project or even city that can then be used to Experience, Evolve (aid future design, IoT optimization, simulation) and Manage (monitoring, management and servicing) their product, project or environment - bringing huge savings and advantages. That’s probably why Digital Twins were named one of Gartner's Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017!

Due to the unique team, the way we deliver our solutions and the understanding of Big Data and connected infrastructures, Deeo are at the forefront of the Digital Twin evolution.  We create exact 3D virtual representations of your physical product, project or environment. We do this by a combination of bringing together your existing digital data, creating 3D data from your 2D drawings/plans as well as using some of the most advanced 3D scanning equipment available today, to capture your real product into the virtual world. We bring all of this together in one place and create the basis of a true Digital Twin, ready for us to do a myriad of things too!


Once your Digital Twin is created, you can showcase it to your audience online! This means prospective clients/visitors can experience, in an immersive and compelling way, your Digital Twin from the comfort of their armchair – anywhere in the world! We can also implement interactivity to your Digital Twin, allowing the viewer to select and interact with the virtual product or space to show them key information and make the experience a more engaging one.


Once a Digital Twin has been completed it can be used aid future design. customer feedback, failure and IoT monitoring and Simulations of scenarios and failures can all be completed in a digital world to aid the optimization of the physical world. It is infinitely safer, less disruptive and cost effective to simulate change in a virtual “sandpit” rather than use the Luddite way of traditional “I reckon…” change processes.

But the Digital Twin brings not only a huge advantage to Experiencing and Evolving your product, project or space, it lives and grows in parallel with its physical version and can be used for many other interactive things.

With the ever-growing applications available, such as IoT technology to monitor all sorts of things, embedding real-time information into a Digital Twin allows the management of any product, project or space to be shown in context to a viewer in a logical and easily digested way.

This, as well as all of the initial data stored in the Digital Twin, allows maintenance and servicing to be a slick and well-oiled task, minimise error, saving time and cost.

Your imagination will run riot once you have a Digital Twin Dataset Asset to assist you in every part of a successful outcome across all departments and stakeholders. Let Deeo support you in this transition and we can assure you, once Experienced, Evolved and Managed the saving in time and cost you will experience will be to of this world.

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