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Deeo’s revolutionary way our team work offers an incredibly attractive and liberating work environment. While others scramble for anyone to work for them, the best come to us - as they see our way is THE way forward.

Unlike other design & engineering consultancies, all our work takes place in a single virtual location – the HUB – so all our team members are able to work wherever they are. So, whether you’re in an isolated farmhouse in Wales, a Regus office in Telford or an apartment in Newcastle, get on the net and your in the office!

All this means you can work in a freer, more flexible & progressive way that is far more in sync with modern living, allowing you to enjoy the work that you love without any long commutes, pointless meetings or the endless distractions of an office environment.

Whether you want to be part of our ever growing team, or you’re a contractor that wants to help too - If you think you’d be a good fit for Deeo, why not fill in this quick form and we will get straight back to you?


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