Forward thinking business must look at the way it attracts and retains great team members to want to work for them. The adoption of a pool table and Latte machines in the office may have worked back in the early 2000’s but now people value their home as well as their work life. They want to work for amazing companies, but in a way that appeals to them. 


So why make a team consistently battler through the ever-congested roads or public transportation network every day? Why do they all need to start and stop at the same time and be distracted by the next office gossip or drama. Do they really need to be in that meeting and not be working on the project they are working on? 


Don’t get me wrong, a team needs to work together to succeed, but they don’t need to be in the same office every day! Adopting a hot desk mentality, giving them the flexibility to work remotely as well as in the office, but always connected to each other - maximises efficiency, liberates your team and doubles your physical office capacity. 


Unlike the old traditional “Bricks and Mortar” model, Deeo was established from the ground up to enable our team to work from anywhere in the world, all from our ground-breaking virtual design studio we call the HUB.  


This means we are not constrained by location or a ‘local’ employee model that dictates both expensive overhead costs & a limited number of the right ‘minds’ to be in our team. Instead, the most skilled & appropriate humans, from across the UK & globally, are bought together to work within Deeo’s unique virtual design office. No matter where they are – our team and our clients are all connected and working together. 


But if our far away team members can’t work from home and need an office, Deeo don’t just go and rent expensive real-estate.  We embrace the growth & advantages of co-working (Colo) facilities throughout most large cities.  


As a responsible employer we check each person’s chosen location to ensure their Health and Wellbeing is assured and the digital security of their connection is secure. 


We launched in late in 2013 and have been living the dream ever since. In this climate of high employment companies are struggling to find the right skilled people to grow their business. We on the other hand have a waiting list of awesome candidates that see the huge benefits in how we work, want to be part of our liberating culture and are excited to be involved in the amazing projects we are involved in. 


Innovate, don’t stagnate – embrace technology and value great people, no matter where they are. 


Deeo – an innovation to design 

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