Our Imagine team have continued to discuss with the Design, Build and Solutions team here at Deeo the best development of the next generation in Automated Guided Vehicles for not only manufacturing and warehouse solutions, but for Hospitals and construction sites too! 

Movers have been in manufacturing facilities across the world, in a simple form, for many years. But with the advent of the IoT, autonomy, connected machinery and the need for more and more efficient ways of working – their relevance and capability are huge. 

Automated Guided Vehicles are used to consistently and predictably transport L.O.A.Ds of material to places that might otherwise be serviced by manual cart, conveyors or fork lift trucks. They are typically used where high volumes of repetitive movements of material is required, but where little or no human decision-making skill is required to perform the movement. They are especially useful in serving processes where change is constant, and barriers - such as conveyors - are undesirable 

The Imagine team have developed L.O.A.D – a multi-functional Autonomous AGV. L.O.A.D is a modular battery powered chassis to be used for all above applications.  

This universal standardised chassis configuration consists of two 50 Mile range LiPo batteries, charged via induction powering a 50KWh motor to the rear wheels. The powered Wheel-Sets are chosen specifically for the application L.O.A.D is to work in. 

Here are just some of the attachments for L.O.A.D’s function: 

In-Mover - a light to medium weight inventory carrier 

MiniLift - a box lift attachment for the mover 

MegaLift - a fully autonomous forklift with a movable counterbalance to increase L.O.A.D capacity.  

All L.O.A.D vehicles can be optioned with either Lidar or single-color camera to follow specially pigmented route lines on factory floors. 

L.O.A.D is a more cost-effective flexible logistics solution designed for today’s world. The interchangeable options off a universal chassis means you need only swap and bolt on a different function allowing greater ROI, employee flexibility, future capability. 

We have now moved the development into the detail design phase and now need to find a home for L.O.A.D. We are looking for Partner companies, from across the globe, to work with us to bring this amazing solution to the market. Is this you? Or do you know someone who would like to share the L.O.A.D!? 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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