The problem with some businesses today is that there is a very departmental approach to the delivery of a product or service to clients. Accounts do their thing, Sales and Marketing do theirs… and so it goes on. But do any of the departments truly realise the assets they already have could be fused with other departments data an enhanced to give you amazing solutions for your clients and your business? 


For years, Deeo have been bringing teams together and collating datasets to enable this to happen. For example, by fusing and enhancing 3D CAD data with other data sets and department knowledge we can have: 


Photo-realistic Images 

Before or even after the design is manufactured we can take your 3D CAD data and create stunning images for your Marketing and Sales teams to use. In these days of Social media, all the digital content you can share to your audience is incredibly important. 


Compelling Animations 

Bring your 3D models to life, in an environment that makes them appear real! Some of the technology we use to do this is the same as they use in Hollywood, so rest easy these will be of a very high standard. 


Digital Interactive Manuals 

Allow your customer to interrogate a Digital Twin of your product to find out its complete Bill of Materials, Construction, assembly and maintenance instructions. 


4D (Sequencing) and 5D (Cost) Planning 

Use your models to simulate the project build sequence and plan (4D) the time, and therefore the costs, associated with the project plans assessment (5D) 


Asset Management 

Use the embedded metadata within a 3D model to populate the Asset Management System your business must ensure quantities and variations are controlled. This also gives procurement accurate cost totals per product or business group. 


Virtual Reality 

Take the graphical enhancement of the model to the next level and let Deeo take it into a Virtual world where your clients can experience your new product, way before it is manufactured! 


Packaging Development 

Develop the most cost effective and sustainable packaging solution for your product to ensure it is delivered to your end customer in the state intended, with minimal waste. 


Safety/Operator instructions 

Use a simplified 3D model and animate safety and/or operator instruction videos that can be understood without the spoken word. As much information you can give your clients to ensure their health and wellbeing in the use of your product will ensure brand loyalty and successful outcomes. 

These are just some of the many ways your 3D CAD assets can be utilised to produce amazing, compelling, time saving solutions for your internal team and more importantly your clients. 

Let’s get creative and unleash the data you have already grown to become a multifaceted asset for all the business to utilise. 

Deeo – an innovation to design 

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