Along with BIM (Building Information Modelling) that secures huge benefits in the construction and facilities management of project, the fusion of EMIS (Energy Management Information Systems) and SMART technology enables us to bring significant reductions in energy costs and maximise a buildings efficiency. 


Integrating these solutions into a Digital Twin of your facility, simulating the outcomes that will be achieved and then managing the new technology adopted will enable you to manage all of the historically inefficient elements  of a building. 



This element of modern living has always been a power-hungry culprit in a facility's overall energy consumption. But with advances in technology and the ability to simulate and digitally manage solutions the maximum efficiency of heat distribution and staying warm or cool doesn’t now need to cost the earth. 



Historically, low power lighting gave you low light! Now there are hyper efficient LED lighting systems that emit as natural light as your eyes can believe! They are power efficient, require minimal disruption on insallation with the use of wireless individual or collective control to ensure when they don’t need to be on – they arent! 


With the energy savings alone, it is now viable for lighting to be supplied, installed and maintained as a service – (LAAS) 


Power Usage 

From SMART switches, to intelligent distribution equipment, the power to appliances can be regulated as and when needed, instead of on all the while. 



In all the scenarios detailed, and especially inefficiency, sensors can be used to pinpoint weaknesses in the efficiency of any solution. This gives us real data in which we can optimise a tailored solution to ensure the buildings Energy efficiency. Minimising draft and maximising heat/cool retention is as key as adopting new technology. 


Using a Digital Twin of a facility to enable us to first simulate all the selected solutions abilities, prior to installation will prove in a virtual world the capability and potential savings for the real world. We can then adopt the intelligence of the solutions selected into the Digital Twin to allow you to manage the Energy Usage of a building in real-time from any connected device! 


We have several suppliers that are giving us access to their products, allowing us to showcase to you the benefits they will bring. the ease of operation and control you will have over your facility from the Digital Twin.  


We are off out to the world’s largest technology event - CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in January 2019 and have a series of meetings with specialists in this area – from around the world.  


As well as globally we look for forward thinking companies and solutions here in the UK that can assist you in maximising your facilities efficiency whilst helping us all to save the planet. 


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