Housing Associations and Local Authorities across the UK have several challenges that may or are already affecting them, such as: 


Labour Limitations 

There is a shortage in the construction industry of qualitied labour to achieve the need requirements to meet the UK’s housing shortage. There is a que, no matter how much you are willing to pay! So, for Refurbishment and New Build, getting the right people for the job can be an issue. 


Regulation Changes 

New or revised Building Regulations may increase the cost of development and refurbishment. Ensuring you know what you have, or need is a big step in empowering you to understand what you need to spend. 


Supply and Demand 

There is a need for more and more housing across the private and social sector but a restricted amount of labour, material cost increases and potential Brexit issues bring further problems. 


Supplier Stability 

Post Carillion, the industry needs to ensure only reputable businesses that are going to have the security to supply and manage risk are their partners. This may reduce the options you have and increase cost. 


The Grenfell Effect 

The hearts and minds of all were re-set after this tragedy. What a building consists of and what and how it was maintained is now a focal responsibility for any forward-thinking landlord. 


I’m sure there are many many more challenges than the ones above. But whenever there is a challenge, you need to get SMART! Harness solutions that will minimise inefficiencies to maximise the potential for a successful outcome. 


SMART Housing Digital Twin solutions 

Digital Twin buildings reduce the day-to-day tedium faced by facilities managers around the world? A physical building has a 1:1 digital 'virtual building' twin. These represent every construction, infrastructure and design aspect of the physical structure. Unlike traditional 3D models, these twins capture information being generated by the building in real-time.  


While most are developing Digital Twins mainly for commercial buildings right now, Deeo is also bringing innovative solutions to Housing Associations and Local Authorities to aid the management and development of existing and new build housing stock - in a connected and hyper efficient way.  


Our SMART Homes Digital Twin solutions include applications that gives instant real-time access to: 


3D building Plans 

Easy access to all maintainable items data in the property 


Virtual Walkthroughs 

For marketing, training, safety and handover evidencing 



Of fire, smoke, visual, audible real-time live stream access 


Fire Management 

Instant fire dataset for Emergency Service needs connected to real-time monitoring to drastically speed up arrival to action response time 


Facilities Management 

Manage your global estate from one digital map of virtual buildings 


Accountability, Cost and Risk 

Minimise error, time and cost by accessing facility data instantly from one single source of truth. 


… to name but a few. The applications we can offer are limitless in our virtual world! 


If your Housing Association or Local Authority wish to discover more on how a SMART House Digital Twin of your property stock could be achieved, save you time, money and ensure the Health and Wellbeing of your tenant population, don’t hesitate to give Deeo a call. 


Deeo – an innovation to design 


keep your eyes peeled for how homes of the future integrate with our digital assistants and IoT technologies. Amazon already refers to the output of IoT devices in our homes as Device Shadowing. A practical example of digital twins in our homes: IoT technologies will detect an abnormally cold summer's evening and automatically adjust the heating to compensate. 


As AI continues to develop, it could make continuous adjustments and control specific features. 


 such as security cameras, temperature and lifts. Gartner predicts that by 2021, half of large industrial companies will employ Digital Twins, resulting in a 10% improvement in business effectiveness. 


On the road to creating the physical buildings that spawn digital twins is Building Information Management (BIM). The construction phase only begins once all the stakeholders' expectations are met virtually first. BIM is a related trend to watch.

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