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4D Planning

I’m not sure about you but, just creating vague Project programs and Gant Charts based around “I reckon…” timelines and “should be ok…” thought processes, seems to be a process that has historically been flawed! We like to save time, money and surprises by using the digital world to predict the outcome of a projects timeline – crazy kids that we are!

4D BIM involves time-related information being associated to different components of a BIM model. For a specific element or work area, information could include details about lead-times, construction and installation periods, sequencing or its interdependencies with other areas.

The inclusion of time-related attribute data also enables 3D visuals of a project’s development to be created, showing how it will be constructed and how both the structure and surrounding site will appear at each phase.
Plan drawing of a kitchen

Speed Up Programs…

By working with us as a partner, we can show you how to quickly analyse, critically evaluate and develop accurate programmes for projects, based on one reliable source of federated information. The specific activities, critical paths and items within those programmes can be clearly linked to the 3D models to give complete visibility of what will be happening at any one point.
BIM model of a boiler room inside a factory

Visualise the Program

With programme and visual information like this to hand, project teams can effectively prototype projects in a virtual environment first and provide rapid feedback on design or methodology changes to their colleagues negating last minute on-site design co-ordination and rework, ultimately optimising the project delivery process. process.
4D BIM processes are also being deployed to help minimise design interface, programme and construction risks. Utilising the best 4D BIM software available allows us to evaluate and simulate different approaches to constructing design in context of their interfaces (both design and programme) and demonstrate to the client how they will construct and deliver their design in context of other contractor programmes and within site, planning and logistics constraints.

Best of all this process means that the you have far greater visibility and control of design and construction processes far earlier, minimising the risk of any expensive surprises. The visible nature of BIM makes complex processes simpler to understand, allowing early identification of any scope gaps and far better visibility and control of design and construction processes increasing confidence in programmes whilst minimising risks.

Deeo - helping you save time, money, and reduce risks and expensive surprises.

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