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Digital Advocate

In a world where consultants seem to want to only give you what you think you don’t know, only to leave you knowing even less and poorer for it – Deeo says NO!
4D Planning, BIM, common data platforms to store your date, software, hardware, legacy integration the list goes on and it can be confusing on who to turn too?
You can’t go to an historic software vendor who has re-badged themselves as their old market has tanked, because all they will want to do is sell you more software!
However, if you go to a pin-stripe wearing global consultancy you will be sold a big claim but delivered the Jnr to produce the same ‘stuff’ they did for their last client – charging you a fortune and delivering no relevance let alone value. Beware the Louis Vuitton wallet…
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Its ALL about YOU

Our senior Build team work and live in the real world. We understand that you need the most cost effective, relevant solutions rolled out through your business to enable a true digital Approach to delivering your business as well as transferring knowledge throughout your team so they impute into the process and then embrace the digital solution they were part of creating!
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KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid

Through being in the field, not the boardroom we can give real life examples of what is good and what isn’t after seeing other projects fail due to bad implementation of a Digital Strategy to construction and Infrastructure projects. Your business is unique, it has its own internal systems and ism’s – Deeo does too! The difference we bring is what we advise and manage for you as your Digital Advocate is what we do internally every day!
We innovated the way we deliver our business from the inception of Deeo. We truly believe, with the team we have built up and the experience they bring, from across different industry sectors – Construction, Infrastructure, Engineering, Visualisation, Big Data Management, Project Management and VR – we bring a unique solution to our Build clients as their Digital Advocate.

From Devolved Governments, PLC’s, National infrastructure and Councils too Housing Associations and Private Sector clients – all use Deeo as their retained Digital Advocate. This ensures they not only develop their business and team internally but ensure the contractors that are delivering £multi-million solutions to them are managed and deliver value. It would be great to add your organisation to this list.

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