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Facilities Management

With the increase in the understanding of what advantages BIM and the Digital Twinning of facilities can bring, our Build team work with our forward-thinking clients in creating the most appropriate solution for their asset and Facilities Management (FM) team to use, to enable them to digitally manage the life of your facility.

Deeo’s Build team have a unique understanding and approach to how we support you in FM. We are not just looking at the now, we are focused on bringing you a solution fit for many many years to come. From the inception or modernisation of a FM dataset and platform, what we compile and create for you is scalable and agilie for the future.

Here are four areas we ensure are addressed in the implementation of any FM project.
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Information Management

If you have BIM data for a new facility, or no digital data for an existing property, Deeo’s Build team will work with you to ensure all you require are captured and created about your facility, that will ensure you can manage it in the most efficient and user-friendly way. We not only assist you in pooling and creating this data, we can also advise on the platform, or integration to your existing FM system, you would require.
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BIG Data

As you can appreciate, the data you initially start with and then add to in an FM platform grows and grows. This means it is imperative it is created and hosted in an accessible and scalable location. Either in your Datacenter or ours, Deeo re-invented the delivery of services it provides on a platform exactly like this. That’s why we uniquely understand the management of Big Data in the cloud and can guide you through the journey.
A Mobile Team
Giving all your team the ability to add data to a FM dataset is key to it being up to date. Mobile applications that allow data entry from a smart phone allows up to the minute relevant information to be entered straight into the FM.

IoT (Internet of Things)
With the ability to have real-time monitoring data embedded into a facility that is shown on the FM “Dashboard” is where we are now taking FM. Our team, with all of the experience in creating FM datasets and hosting them on multiple different platforms, know what GOOD looks like and how IoT will enhance the information recorded. Just think, from your connected mobile phone you can see, hear and understand not only what has happened to the facility in the past – but what is happening in the present!

We find the blending of the FM and Digital Twin experience is an exciting place to be. No matter where you are in the world, explore your facilities past and understand its future!

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