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Bringing your concept into reality needs an experienced and multi-skilled team with the right tools for the task in hand.

In today’s world, there is no excuse for poor quality products or engineering. Deeo's unique offering brings a new flavour to the table, delivering a reliable, engineered solution to ensure your physical product has been designed and assessed in a virtual world before its production.

Our time served team of designers and engineers have worked throughout many different industries and are brought to you with the relevant experience to complete your project, on time and in budget. We design and engineer, either autonomously, as part of your team at your facility or a mixture of both. No matter where you are and when you need help we can provide the following services.
CGI image of a motor placed onto an engineering drawing

CAD Design

If you desire a new concept solution or just need to re-invigorate a previous product, Deeo can support you using your choice of CAD and in the way you want us to present it!

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Computer model of building undergoing wind test

Structural Analysis

Ensure your product has been designed to achieve it's technical goals. Let our engineers assess your product, by either calculation, FE Analysis through to virtual crash tests!

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A photo of the hand placements on an xbox controller

Human Factors

User interaction is key in most products or creations. Let our team of 'digital people' ensure – the human interaction is the best it could be within our virtual environments!

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An engineer removing part of a pc motherboard close up

Reverse Engineering

Legacy data is not always available. Previous versions of drawings may be unavailable to you. Whatever the reason we can accurately reverse engineer existing physical products into your local formats!

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Let Deeo help you digitally engineer your next project to save time and money by getting it right ‘on screen’.

We look forward to talking to you soon.

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