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CAD Design

Unlike most, our experienced team know the only way to create the best CAD design models and drawings is the right way, not the quick and nasty way. To ensure ‘right first time’ a structured approach to the creation of your CAD designs is something you can’t learn from a book!

We believe CAD should be a platform for your design - not a prison. Our designers use CAD as a conduit for their vision and experience to achieve the right result every time.

Using your CAD system of choice, our designers will turn your ideas into an engineered digital twin of the final physical product.

Some say they can…

Our design team has tens of thousands of hours of CAD experience and are versed in a range of software platforms, so we can integrate quickly into your way of working. Unlike our competitors – we truly know how to use the software that you use – we haven’t just walked past a CAD workstation and claim we are experts! We also love to bring extra value to your organisation by sharing our expertise during your project.

Accelerating Production

Our unique virtual design office, the HUB, means our CAD design takes place in a single location, accessible to all project members at any time. Communication within the HUB is open and seamless, allowing the team to scale to the size you need and without endless time-consuming meetings. One click and we are all in a room! Our team can work remotely anywhere - so you are not limited to the expertise in your local area and we have the best team to offer you!
We supply native files, not dumb data. Models and drawings inc. full history so that they can be modified in the future by your team, or ours. The CAD software we use:

• AutoCAD/Inventor
• Catia V5/V6
• NX
• Pro Engineer/Creo
• Solid Edge
• SolidWorks

When we hear the word tolerance, it refers to ensuring the design goes together! NOT that a design partner is tolerated as they don’t understand design engineering! Let us help you engineer your design into a data set that, once manufactured, come’s together in harmony!

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