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Human Factors

Your product or project needs to, in some way, interact with people. So how do you know if it is right for them? Here at Deeo we can complete, from the most basic to the most complex, study of how people will interact with your product.

Advances in analysis software that use real-life anthropomorphic mannequins is the way Deeo test your design is ‘Fit for Purpose’.

A Virtual Team

For spatial and RSI analysis we utilise our mannequins - Jack and Jill - and set them tasks to complete. We then assess their posture, fatigue and strain. Just like FE Analysis of a product, we don’t want people to break whilst using the product – that’s why Jack and Jill do the testing for us. These digitally accurate percentile people interact with your 3D data and allow us to ensure all is well.

Crash Test Dummies

We can now bring ergonomic and structural analysis together to complete virtual crash test to assess the survivability of our virtual person and the deformation the crash and the person’s impact made to the physical product. We can then optimise the design of your product to ensure – when you need to complete a physical crash test with actual product - it will pass the test, not kill the dummy!
We can also utilise state-of-the-art analysis software to simulate how people and crowds will work within buildings or environments. We can simulate things like - stage virtual evacuations of buildings, assess how many people can get on and off a train in the time it takes at a station, how long a crowd takes to disperse from a concert – the list is endless. Utilising advanced statistical analysis combined with 2D and 3D representations, you can see first-hand what will happen – before it has.

Let our virtual people take the pain, so you and your customers don’t have too.

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