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Reverse Engineering

To save our clients both time and money – when it comes to capturing digital spacial data of an existing product or facility - 3D scanning and reverse engineering is a must.

3D scanning technology is used in architecture, industry and many other fields. Thanks to the accuracy of today’s scanning equipment, we can digitally recreate objects into 3D CAD models. From there we can create a multitude of data!

We have scanners that can capture a products data, scan the complete inside of a building through to Drones that can scan an entire city. There is no product or environment Deeo’s team cannot create a digital twin of.

The Key benefits to this digital approach to ensuring existing product data is captured are:

Precision and Safety

We can ensure the accuracy of measurements, We can scan down to an accuracy of microns not mm’s if required!

Using scanners to capture data where it is not safe for people working in that environment.

Capturing Legacy Data, Save Time & Money

When models and drawings do not exist legacy data can be created to allow the design process to move forward. Save time in its digital creation. Time is money right? 3D scanning and reverse engineering saves a lot of cost compared to the traditional ways of capturing information.
From a pin to a city, let Deeo show you how we can bring physical reality onto your screen so we can then develop the next variation of it for the future! For those who stand still – we will capture them too!

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