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Structural Analysis

Our expertise and streamlined approach to FE Analysis helps to make your designs the best they can be, reduce cost and save manufacturing time.

It's not just about delivering structural integrity at any cost - and again, our engineers' real-world experience allows them to suggest places for simplification, or to reduce material usage. This streamlining optimises the final build, lowering the total cost, while potentially removing unnecessary complexities that put the integrity at risk.
Close up of engineering drawing and set square on table

A Problem-Free Path

From the first stages of the design process, our team works to make sure your 3D design is ‘Fit for Purpose’. Thanks to their wealth of experience, our engineers can focus on the weak spots first, 'building them out' of the plan. After that, it is a case of identifying any other potential points for improvement before completing a final analysis.
Steel bridge supports taken from an angle

Specialists in each field

As with all of our services, each team member brings their unique sector experience – ensuring the relevant regulations are adhered too in our calculations. From civil structural stairwells to railway specific crashworthiness standards or defence vehicle vibration issues – our structural engineers are selected to bring their vast experience to you, as and when you need it.
We utilise the following software, appropriate to the task in hand and your specific needs.

• Altair
• Ansys
• MathCAD (For Calculations)

It’s pointless having a great looking product - to watch it break the first time it is used!

Make sure you have got it right in the design, it gets expensive after that!

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