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Visualisation is not just a pretty picture or a cheap animation. It’s a medium that showcases your product and brand – selling the imagination and vision of your creation, before and even after you have created it!

Our years of rendering & animation experience ensure that customers get the benefit of that real, world-wide, experience.

Our Imagine team are best placed to help you Visualise your product or place, using the world’s most powerful CGI and animation tools. We aim to surpass your rendering needs & deliver world class animations to showcase your project in its best light. Our teams are also ready to deliver supporting assets, such as material libraries that can be used & deployed through the product design creation process & along the extended enterprise.

Our team of experts have supported global blue-chip customers on three continents; helped develop best practice rendering & animation strategies for their design & engineering processes, deliver cross platform & software training & deploy new rendering & animation tools in a seamless manner. Because our team uses the tools on a day to day basis, we are best placed to deliver optimum rendering & animation experiences to our customers, with transfer of internal best practice to real –word situations.
Wide angle of the rear of a blue motorcycle


We utilise some of the following software to create still renderings that you would believe are of a real product!

3ds Max | 3D Excite | Alias | Keyshot | Maya | V-Ray

To see images moving though, you need to jump to…

Skeletal display of a jet engine


Press play and experience the levels of detail that can be achieved in the creation of animations from 3D data. Seeing is believing!

We only use the best software to create our animations, such as:

3ds Max | 3D Excite | Cinema 4D | Lumion | V-Red

No matter what stage of development your project is at, the Imagine team can create compelling digital visual assets that will aid your business showcase your new product, way before it hits the market! This is invaluable of customer Focus Group Reviews, Pre-Launch Marketing and digital, social and print media.

But then we can take you into a Virtual World too!

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