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Deeo pioneered the way Digital Design Services and solutions are delivered back in 2013! Since then we have continued to be at the forefront of technology adoption to deliver efficiency, reliablity and value to our clients'.

We are now not only rolling out services across the globe, but we are constantly told “we should do things the way you do.” Our clients see how we have harnessed and adapted the digital/technological processes and they want to do the same!

So, for this reason, Deeo offer what we call “Hand to Hand” consultancy and infrastructure solutions to organisations, authorities and local governments  transforming them in a cost effective and scalable way. We truly believe the transfer of knowledge from team to team is a key deliverable in any engagement – hence why we call it “Hand to Hand”. As you know by now, we do things differently at Deeo.

Here are the four key Solutions we deliver to our amazing clients.

Cloud Adoption

Let Deeo transform your business by bringing you into the cloud with graphically accelerated VDI and secure data storage. That’s why we call it the HUB!

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Digital Transformation

Allow Deeo to direct your Digital Transformation enabling you and your team to be more agile, connected and technically capable than your competition!

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Industry 4.0

Deeo are assisting the development and adoption of Industry 4.0 digital manufacturing technologies inc. cyber-physical systems, IoT, cloud and cognitive computing.

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Smart Cities

Integrating intelligent Digital Twins, IoT and big data ensure development of Smart Cities and Regions deliver citizens an optimised world!

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Our unique team bring a wealth of experience, across multiple sectors and disciplines, allowing us to deliver an independent perspecive to your requirements. . Peace of mind in today’s throw away world.

We look forward to talking to you soon.

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