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Cloud Adoption

There is no escaping the “cloud” and its potential for the levels of cost saving and simplicity that it can bring to any organisation. Deeo was built, from the ground up to allow us the ability to harness all of the advantages this adoption brings.

We constantly see a drive towards cloud adoption and migration within any organisations strategic IT projects, wanting to reach a level of cloud maturity and dependence is always within the top 10 topics for Executive Boards; how to achieve this is another topic for debate but Deeo are here to help you with your journey.
cloud is now

Cloud is Now

Every IT manager should have the mind-set of cloud deployment first, as a cloud approach is generally much less expensive in terms of the capital outlay needed for deployment compared with on-premise systems. This also means that it’s easier to get budgetary sign-off, adding time saving to the equation as well. Complexity is also reduced organisationally since there is reduced need to have dedicated teams associated with managing systems.
reduce risk

Decisions Decisions

This tends to streamline decision-making and technology operations, making for efficiency and cost savings. There’s no such thing as an executive team that doesn’t want to leverage cost savings, time savings and create simplicity in their operations. The executive team may not understand the nuances of the cloud but they do understand the concepts and ideas, and they really buy into the benefits.
With every on-premise infrastructure refresh, you should work with your third-party suppliers and in-house solutions to review whether they can be migrated to the cloud, whether this be in a public, hybrid or private cloud environment, this should be built in to the IT Strategy and mandated in a Cloud Adoption Framework.

Let Deeo assist you in your organizations path to a successful cloud adoption with a focus on your people, processes and technology, where we can develop with and for you an optimized scalable cloud infrastructure; which will allow your organization to create and grow workforce connectivity and productivity.

Added benefits of Deeo is that we are G-Cloud Approved and Accredited! With high levels of physical and virtual security, you can be confident of your data’s security!

We look forward to taking you into the clowd, it’s a fresh and liberating place.

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