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Smart Cities

A Smart City is a location that uses information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare.

Smart Cities represents the entire connected ecosystem of the world we live in, all represented in a virtual world. Taking the virtual Digital Twin of a facility, City or Region and integrating such information as

• 5G Connectivity
• Artificial Intelligence
• Data Analytics
• Energy and Utilities
• Health and Public Safety
• IoT
• Smart Automotive and Transit Systems

… enabling a City or Region to optimise its delivery for its people.
virtual sand pit

Virtual Sand Pit

Imagine the ability to take your Digital Twin of your City or Region, change and manipulate it to trial new solutions, without ever doing anything in the real world! Your very own SimCity if you will! In this Virtual Sand pit, you and your team can develop new scenarios, prove through analytical study its success and win the hearts and minds of citizens by roving your next development will bring them a huge benefit once completed!
carbon neutrality

Carbon Neutrality

Plan and forecast how quickly your City or Region will become Carbon Neutral by utilising the data and modelling of today and then what tomorrow could be! All of this is done in without disruption or trial and error. Let the virtual world enable the physical world our children’s children will live in be as efficient and self-sustainable as possible by planning and modelling solutions now. Smart Cities are starting to do this, don’t be the city referred to as dumb!
Forward thinking Smart Cities across the world are in the process of creating & developing a Digital Twin of their city to enable them to Visualise, develop, simulate & test scenarios in a digital world, before implementing them into the more expensive & disruptive physical world.

The development & management of a vibrant connected Smart City in the very near future is key to its success in:

• Optimising people & traffic movement around the city
• Minimising emissions delivering a clean City future
• Ensuring population (Student, Family, Elderly – able bodied or not, blind or deaf) can access all the City’s amenities easily, safely & want to stay
• Attract new citizens to want to live & spend in a connected innovative City

All of these & much much more can be achieved once the creation of a Digital Twin of your city, or even specific areas y are created.

Members of Deeo’s team have been involved in some of the world’s largest and most advanced Smart City projects completed so far.

We look forward to assisting you in your journey in creating your very own SimCity.

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