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Built Environment

The Built Environment is all around us and continues to evolve and change.

The advent of BIM and Digital Construction processes, powerful software and technology has brought our physical world into a digital space where we can develop, evolve, manipulate and manage it on screen – rather than the disruptive real-world! So much more efficient.

The key to this revolution is to understand the huge benefits these data assets can bring and how important it is they are created and developed correctly.

Deeo’s Build team support many different clients and infrastructure types, these being the focus today.


We can create and co-ordinate the design and build of your mine in a digital world allowing you to explore various design options and scenarios, reduce risk and manage your operations.

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Modular Construction

We design and engineer modular homes that win the hearts and minds of their owners but are mostly constructed in a factory and assembled on site! Deeo - Engineering construction!

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Owner Operators

From small property developers to large scale housing associations, Deeo support private and PLC clients in the new projects and on-going management of their estates.

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pubic sector

Public Sector

From Regional Government, National Services and Infrastructure to Highways and City Developments, Deeo supports many large-scale projects with digital tools and great minds!

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Join many other open-minded clients of Deeo’s in your adoption of digital design, engineering, management and simulation of our Built Environment. You will never look back.

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