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Deeo has significant experience helping mining and extractive industries apply digital construction methodologies to help save time, money and reduce risks from FEED through construction and commissioning and onwards into operations.  Our partnership approach ensures that you get the maximum return on your investment and they key skills and knowledge are transferred to your teams.

With the use of advanced software and technology we can assist your mine development throughout its life. You know how you want your mine to operate, what you want to achieve in yield and when, by creating a digital twin of the project Deeo can show you how it can be used every step of the way to ensure success.
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Virtual Mine

Bringing together the design of the mine and co-ordinating designs and processes within one common data environment allows you to maximise profits and minimise risks.  These digital assets and processes develop during the design, construction and operations of your project. This provides greater visibility and control, increasing confidence in outcomes. This unified approach ensures success at any scale of project and allows 3D data to be used across whole asset lifecycles.

Investor Confidence

The digital twin created through the implementation, design, construction and commissioning stages can then be used to support operation and minimise risks when the mine goes into operation. We then implement solutions to enable you to increase the confidence in mining operations’ ability to meet production targets, manage costs, and improve efficiencies to meet stakeholders’ expectations. Providing up-to-date information for improved visibility into production activities, enabling in-shift control and support of material reconciliation across the mining value chain.
No matter where in the world you maybe, or what you are extracting, the use of digital tools to develop, simulate and trial before implementation in the real-world is an invaluable service. Not many companies in the world can bring this complete holistic view to aid your success. We look forward to working with you.

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