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Modular Construction

The housing shortage across the UK, and beyond is not likely be addressed by doing things the way we have always done it. Why? Because there are labour and skills shortages, Traditional materials are also becoming more expensive and demand is increasing faster than construction can build.

But a building is an emotive thing. A house, apartment, or even a commercial property is viewed as an extension of the owner’s personality and for this reason they want to embrace and desire the property they occupy, not endure it.
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The Problem…

Modular housing and buildings historically have not been something many would call “captivating”. They were utilitarian or fit for purpose at best. So, the next generation of modular construction needs to address the ability to manufacture off-site and construct onsite in a speedy and efficient way, creating places that all will be proud to call home.
carbon neutrality

… solved

We have been helping organisations capitalise on the benefits of modular and offsite construction through the application of digital construction methodologies. With our unique team capabilities, we not only support the Built Environment but also many engineering sectors, including optimised manufacturing. This enables us to bring the concept of desirable modular constructions that, built in a factory and delivered to site for easy construction, a reality.
Our partnership approach helps you save time, money and reduce risks from concept, through manufacturing to construction and beyond whilst also ensuring that key skills and knowledge are transferred into your teams.

We look forward to developing your new modular construction and site that is desired and loved by all.

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