Owner Operators

Deeo has significant experience in helping owners and operators save time, money and reduce risks from design, through construction and onwards into operation.

Many utilise main contractors or house builders to create their new estate assets or add to their portfolio with existing stock. Either way there is an answer to how you can maximise your investment by doing things in a digital way.
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How Deeo Help

Many Owner Operators of many facilities or residential estates will have historic forms of electronic management of their assets. However, in the age of BIM, virtual tours and interactive VR embedded into the asset data – streamed real-time from one secure dataset can be a leap that needs a little assistance! Working with you as a partner we will show you how to capitalise on the benefits of digital management of all your estate, new and old.
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Collating digital assets of new facilities from constructors or creating digital twins of existing stock enables us to create a uniform set of data that can be used across all your team to ensure the smooth running of your estate. The advantages and time, cost savings can be huge if implemented correctly. As a team that understands the industry, big data, interactive experiences and operational needs we bring all the skills together to deliver simplicity.
Most importantly we ensure that all we do and the key ‘how to skills’ are transferred into your team to ensure, once delivered and you continue to manage your digital estate in the future, you can do so without our help. Refreshing ah?

No matter where you are in your digital adoption of managing your estate, we can put forward solutions that will empower and simplify the future management for all your team.

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