Public Sector

Deeo has been working with Government organisations from national to local helping them understand and implement digital construction and asset management solutions and extract the benefits before the mandatory implementation of BIM in the public sector projects came into force.

Working hand in hand with your team, we not only deliver services and solutions that are needed for future management of cities and regions, we transfer the knowledge to teams ensuring, once we have completed our support, you are fully self sufficent! This differentiates us from other organisations as our clients have told us!
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Start to Finish

Working with us as a partner we help you define, refine and implement processes and technologies that will allow you and your teams to extract the maximum benefits out of BIM by aligning BIM processes to your governance and delivery processes and avoiding problems and risks often associated with capital projects.
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Your Advocate

For several our clients we act as their Digital Advocate. The person on the client side of the table working with you, acting as a critical friend to help ensure that best outcomes for the project and programme are achieved.
It’s simple, we help public sector organisations save time, money and reduce risks across a diverse range of projects and entire asset lifecycles. Working with you as a partner we will show you how to capitalise on the benefits of digital construction processes to optimise design and construction processes minimising change, programmes and waste whilst ensuring that future maintenance and revenue costs are minimised. Most importantly we ensure that these key ‘how to skills’ including mandatory BS1192 compliance skills are transferred into your teams.

We are also delivering Smart City solutions and Digital Twins of complete cities, areas and infrastructure! As you can appreciate, if we are doing this, we are leaps ahead of the pin-stripes… Be a Smart City and use a team that wants to bring you incredible value!

We look forward to assisting your city or region, as we are today with many other forward-thinking clients.  Eliminating inefficiencies and costs will save you many times over the cost of the implementing digital procedure’s and solutions.

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