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Our team come from a wide range of backgrounds – concept, mechanical, electrical, process and systems design and engineering – enabling us to be able to support the development, manufacturing and marketing of the product. 

This unique perspective gives us the ability to deliver a market leading design (with compelling promotional material to sell) and design the optimised machinery or process line that will manufacture it to the qualities you require!

We are also proud to now be supporting the design and development of the next revolution in clean power generation! 

Here are the main four teams and sectors we support Industry in.


Deeo supports the development, design and optimisation of manufacturing a wide range of products to ensure the ROI for our client is exceeded, the product is on time, meeting technical, quality and customer specifications.

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Marketing & Media

We create exciting, compelling and immersive imagery, animations and experiences from your digital data, for your marketing and media channels to maximise your message!

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power gneration

Power Generation

Deeo now supports the design and development of the next revolution in clean power generation. Wind, solar, wave... you name it! In a small way Deeo is ensuring the lights don’t go out.

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Special Purpose Machinery (SPM)

From the largest power press or steel rolling mill, to a robotic cell welding pipes together, our team have been producing SPM designs for clients all over the globe.

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No matter what industry you are in, Deeo can assist you in delivering services and solutions that will enhance your product and business. We look forward to helping you on your next project.

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