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Power Generation

With increasingly connected life, electric vehicles and appliances our need for power is increasing daily. However, the rise of global temperatures, cost and generation inefficiencies means that some methods used to generated power historically are no longer fit for the future.

But we don’t want the lights to go off!

So, finding the next development of power generation is not just answered by one method but many. Thinking outside of the box is what we do!
power gneration 1

Make and Store

Deeo are looking to partner with others to develop renewable solutions, with a focus on clean power generation, energy storage systems, efficient engine technology and waste heat recovery systems. Using ultra-efficient machines, naturally powered to generate the power for communities and remote locations alike. Our end goal is to enable a household to be fully self sufficent and off grid.

Community Power

The creation of decentralised, decarbonised, and democratised energy generation systems and even businesses who sustain their community with the power they need, and possibly sell the excess to their neighbouring community, will create a disruptive solution that will enable the needs of all to be managed by all and not by a region or national organisation.
On a different scale all together, the new, safer and more economical nuclear reactors could not only satisfy many of our future energy needs but could also combat global warming as well.

No matter which, clean energy generation source is an arena Deeo wish to support in the future. We already support many industry sectors that compliment this industry and we can bring expertise to your team that you may need to, as a team, create the power for the future!

Let’s connect…

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