Special Purpose Machinery (SPM)

From a widget machine to a steel mill line, we have designed and engineered solutions that are currently used all over the world.

Working as part of an OEM’s team or directly commissioned to design a solution that addresses a manufacturers problem, Deeo have engineered solutions of all shapes,
sizes and levels of complexity.

We have not only designed standalone special purpose machines, we have planned, designed, engineered, overseen manufacture – installation and commissioning of entire production lines. From retail packaging lines to luxury yacht manufacturing!

We can also create simulations, animations, visuals and technical instructions – hard copy format or online – to support the development and maintenance of your machine or line.
virtual sand pit

Continual Collaboration

Our team of designers and engineers can work with you from the very beginning, to create machinery to suit your requirements. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of some of Britain's brightest designers and embracing your experienced team throughout the design process, so your vision can be seen clearly in the finished product. Thanks to our virtual design office, all your project files are stored in the HUB - and you can see the latest progress at any time.
carbon neutrality

Maximum Insight

Your machinery needs to serve a special purpose and that means you need expertise from across many different disciplines in the design stage. We work with you to achieve this. Our engineers are located all over the country - so you are never too far away from us or limited to the knowledge of those on your doorstep. We have the right team for your job.
We believe in, if the specification gives us the opportunity to, designing intelligence into specialist machinery leaving people to work safely and hopefully with more time to enjoy the finer things in life. With the advances in automation, IoT, connected devices and autonomy we can harness the technology once seen in science fiction to be utilised in your machine tools.

Look at all the services we offer in the What We Do section and see how we can bring the best tools to assist your machine development.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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