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Special Projects

Either privately commissioned or in-house for Deeo, our team complete special projects that disrupt, address and refine solution’s and inefficiencies.

We hate the norm and fixed mentalities. Not only do we look at innovating products and solutions, we also ask why? All of our services have this ethos and this allows us, as a team, to pool our ideas to develop amazing solutions.

The following are just some of the Special Projects currently being developed through 2019.

Deeo LOAD –  Your Intelligent AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)

From construction sites to shop floors, distribution centres and airports, the need for Automated Guided Vehicles is growing. Allow LOAD to do the work for you.

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DigiSITE – The Automated Construction Project

Globally there is a shortage of housing and the talent to construct them. DigiSITE is a project that explores the automation of residential properties to deliver amazing homes in half the time.

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project duoo

Project Duoo – Disrupting the Motorcycle world

A new Motorcycle brand for millennial commuters and thrill seekers alike. A Hybrid and electric powered range of fully recyclable motorcycles for the connected world to desire, ride and buy.

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sa ts

SA-TS – The future of Mass Transit

A unique non-track, modular, semi-autonomous, environmentally friendly Transit System for forward thinking cities anywhere in the world! No more expensive infrastructure deployment.

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It would be great to discuss any of the above, or something you would like to commission. We relish a challenge and will walk you through how we can deliver a solution that will suit your requirements.

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