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Smart flexible factories are becoming the norm nowadays, with adaptive machinery, production lines and technology helping to build high-quality mass-produced products. Deeo realise this is the future of manufacturing, so we developed L.O.A.D.

The L.O.A.D concept is a modular chassis to be used within manufacturing plants and warehouses. The Deeo L.O.A.D-Shell range starts with the ‘mover’ a light to medium weight inventory carrier, the MiniLift, a box lift attachment for the mover shell. The range then extends up to ‘MegaLift’ a fully autonomous forklift with a movable counterbalance to increase load capacity.
agv 1

Common Platform

The standard chassis configuration consists of two 50 Mile range LiPo batteries, charged via induction powering a 50KWh motor to the rear wheels. All L.O.A.D vehicles can be optioned with either Lidar or single-color camera to follow specially pigmented route lines on factory floors. These common features aid spares and maintenance regimes for large scale facilities by only needing one set of spares that will service all L.O.A.D. AGVs command building blocks.

Saves time and Cost

L.O.A.D is a more cost-effective flexible logistics solution designed for manufacturers of all sizes that need a loader one day and a forklift the next. The interchangeable chassis means you need only swap and bolt on a different shell. L.O.A.D also allows greater employee flexibility - let a ‘MegaLift’ work the graveyard shift or activate a ‘Mover’ during lunch hour!  All are possible and ensure the ROI of L.O.A.D. is realised very quickly.
If L.O.A.D would suit your production facility, get in touch to see how we can work with you to fulfil your smart logistics plan and take the weight of your mind!

You’ll get carried away with its versatility!

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