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As you now understand, the team here at Deeo are a thoughtful bunch. We looked at the construction industry and its practices over the past decade and realised it hasn’t changed much for a lot longer than that. There is a reliance on manual labour, legacy machinery and “the ways we have always done it…” procedures. If it works – why fix it?

Now look at the advances in technology in the last decade. Could you order a pizza off your phone and then send a picture to your friends saying how great it is? Or maybe you never thought you wouldn’t need to go to a shop to get the latest product? The simplest things have evolved.

Yes, the way construction is delivered is broken! An ever-increasing need for housing, a skills shortage across the world in skilled manual construction labour as well as the depletion of materials all increase the cost of builds - which present the industry an escalating problem.

So Deeo are starting to develop processes, Design > Build software integration, automated and autonomous construction solutions to empower the DigiSITE of the future.
digisite 1

Design > Build

The growth and understanding of the value BIM and Digital Construction processes and data will bring will be even more enhanced when it can be used in the automation of construction sites. Taking all the 2D, 3D and 4D Into a Common Date Environment that can then interpret with AI the optimal construction sequence will dictate the ordering and cost model of the project that will save a huge amount of time and money.

Machine Built

Not only are we supporting the development of modular construction we are looking at the development of machines that will construct the rest of development, with minimal manual labour. All guided by the Design > Build data, all will have been planned in a virtual world by the designers and architects and delivered in a precise and controlled way. Human creativity with machine precision and safety, a force to be realised!
No matter how the efficiencies are delivered, the product – the house, apartment, development – must be captivating and deliver a real homely feel for its residents. Customer acceptance 10x! If the customer rejects the look, feel and ambiance of a space, they will never advocate it and only seek to destroy its progression. No builder or owner wants that.

It is still unclear which route construction will take, and very likely that the future will include elements of all three scenarios. Current business models, strategies and capabilities will not be sufficient in any of these future worlds. This underscores the fact that players along the construction value chain need to prepare strategically.

We are focused on assisting the industry in any way we can to develop. We are sure it will be a blend of the old and new ways for a short period of time, but as all the advantages are understood and appreciated, the adoption of the new way of constructing will be embraced. As always, Deeo will be leading the charge!!

It would be great to get your thoughts and even better if we can develop your solution to save you time and money.

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