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Project Duoo

It’s time for the Deeo designers and engineers to bring their passion to the world!

Deeo are developing a range of connected hybrid and electric motorcycles designed for a new generation of recreational and commuter riders. The range will address many of the challenges the motorcycle industry face today, the way it continues to deliver the next version of the same bike they created years ago! From the ground up, these motorcycles are focused on what today’s consumer wants in a product and we are creating a vehicle that will be aspired and affordable, across the world.
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Design and Build

Embracing new technologies Project Duoo is a range of hybrid and electric motorcycles designed and manufactured by Deeo. That’s right, we’re not only designing the bikes we’re utilising our in-house skills and designing the autonomous manufacturing facilities as well! Our team involved in manufacturing systems, automation and build optimisation – are ready to take the design and develop the facility that will manufacture at scale these beautiful products.
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A Global Brand

We truly are a global team working on Project Duoo. From the UK, Italy, China, Australia and the US, our team live and work from all over the world, all from the HUB, to develop this beautiful product. As a team, we bring a wide range of experience and local knowledge of what each of these regions consumers want and desire. That gives us a unique ability to deliver to a global audience a range of personal vehicles that they will love and embrace!
Three is the magic number

The range comprises of three models, the U urban machine, the S midrange sports bike and the X, the extreme touring performance.

All the range will encompass the following brand features:

• Connectivity – allowing back to base service monitoring and vehicle tracking.
• Extended range – hybrid machines will include an onboard generator system to reduce reliance on charging points.
• Fast Charging – advance electronic technologies allowing fast recharge times.
• Unique Front Suspension – allowing for more adjustability and better brake force transfer than traditional layouts.
• Customisation – replaceable components allow customisation to your taste.
• Sustainability – majority of components are recyclable and sustainable supply chain.

To find out more and get involved, go to Project Duoo’s Blog. We are excited, and we know that our journey and our riders will be too!

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