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With the growth of environmental concern and rise in global population, public transport infrastructure and development has never been a more important topic.

With car ownership topping 40 Million registered vehicles on UK roads, we need a better transport solution. Many regions of the UK have been updating their ancient transport infrastructure, increasing road width and creation of additional train-lines has been an everyday occurrence in most cities.
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Deeo decided to re-write the rules and create a less disruptive, cheaper and increasingly future forward-thinking transit solution. Our team of innovative designers looked to future technology to develop a solution to answer todays problems. That’s what innovators do! With the wealth of experience in the four pillars Deeo delivers for clients, the creation of a semi-autonomous passenger transit system for Smart Cities came, naturally.

Introducing SA-TS

Deeo set to work to develop SA-TS – a Semi-Autonomous Transit System. With the looks and acceptance, from the public, as a modern interactive tram, but that has no need for expensive disruptive road and street infrastructure. No more crippling city disruption in implementation, un-known cost or future route change restriction! Vehicles semi-autonomously follow coloured road route marking. Enabling citizen and drivers to understand the vehicles route.
SA-TS is a true interchangeable battery powered transit system. PLUS, each stop has on route boost charging to increase range and at main locations fast boost charging will replenish batteries by another 25%. In a zero emissions world, the need for a vehicle to complete continuous routes with minimal re-charge is a key game changing solution.

There are many many more reasons SA-TS is leaps and bounds more advanced than other products in the market or even those being developed today. Such as:

• '3rd level autonomy' (Driver for emergency only) vehicle.
• Vehicle completely recyclable.
• Fully connected service allowing any service change to be automatically informed to the citizen.
• Vehicle to vehicle communication – with the advances of the IoT, connecting SA-TS to not only the city infrastructure but the vehicles around it will ensure true optimal traffic flow.

To find out more on SA-TS, or get involved, follow its Blog Page or get in touch. We are developing SA-TS for a global market and we are looking for a partner across the world to work with us to deliver this to a City soon!

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