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4 Wheels

The evolution of the automotive and motorsport industry continues at an incredible pace. From hybrid and electric power to connected vehicles and recyclability – to name but a few, the world looks to ensure the future of personal transportation and exciting motor sport.

Deeo continue to support the

• Concept Design
• Surface Refinement
• Visualisation
• Detail product Design
• Supplier support
• Tier 1 and 2 Manufacture optimisations

… for both.
4 wheels 1


Many of our designers have been involved in the development of cars throughout the past 30 years. The advances in the technology used to develop these vehicles has exponentially evolved giving them world class tools to develop the experience in A-Class body surfacing, vehicle packaging, Drivetrain development & interior trim.

Motor Sport

Through all of the FIA Formula car racing competitions, Formula E, World Rally Championship as well as Nascar – our designers bring huge value in supporting teams in new vehicle development. All bring experience built up through working for some of the world’s most famous names but realising they were constrained by internal constraints. It’s a race, we will get you over the line!
Gone are the days of the use of a bodger to align car doors as they passed down the production line! The production line equipment that is developed now ensures the vehicles are right first time. We work with suppliers of car production & test equipment to ensure the vehicles designed are delivered to you ready to last.

From OEM’s to suppliers of parts to the industry – we are here to help on your on-going journey.

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