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No Wheels

Ok so the definition of No Wheels works, in the most part, for grouping things that fly or float – like luxury motor yachts and aircraft interiors! So, who do we design and develop in these arenas?

Luxury Motor Yachts

We have supported many of the internationally superior luxury Motor Yacht manufacturers in the design and development of their new models. These exciting yet functional products of beauty are crafted for discerning clients and require best design practice to ensure only the best is achieved. We have not only supported the internal teams in completing programs, we have been commissioned to support a completely new boat range with all its manufacturing process lines and staging to deliver a productionised solution!

Aircraft Interior Commission

The discerning owner of their own jet or aircraft wants to ensure their aircraft is how they want it! The passenger quarters are to be comfortable and have all the facilities desired.

They want to be surrounded in luxury, as they are in their Bentley. From small jet to VIP Jumbo conversations, Deeo’s team can design your solution.

We create your dream in the sky or palace on the water!
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Visualise your Aspiration

Deeo’s Imagine team have the ability to create a digital twin of the yacht or aircraft we are designing and give the owner an immersive first look at what they will be getting once manufactured. This real-time experience is high definition and shows all materials and finishes as if you were really there! Want to change things? At the click of a button its done!

Luxury and Simplicity

Our team ensure the design of the solutions for either of the above, as well as the other transportation genres, deliver the aspirations of the client – along with meeting the safety and compliance of international regulation. Our designers also support the manufacturing and installation phase of the projects, if required, to ensure the initial vision described is achieved.
We love to indulge ourselves in these arenas as it’s so much fun creating aspirational experiences for discerning clients. We look forward to sharing more of our developments!

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