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Why Deeo

After years of success with a traditional 'analogue' bricks and mortar design/ engineering consultancy, our founding team realised - with the advances in technology and the need for the right team, no matter where they are – there was an even better way to deliver solutions to our clients!

We created Deeo to enable forward-thinking clients the ability to embrace the latest innovations in digital design services and solutions, freeing them from a myriad of inefficiencies inherent in the old way of working.

We needed to create a Digital Design Consultancy that, no matter where our team or clients were in the country or overseas, we could all work together from one single place. That meant all of what we traditionally had needed to be in the cloud – our own cloud!

So Deeo created Europe’s first Virtual Design Office from where all of our team can work along with our clients. At the heart of our infinitely scalable office in the cloud is our game-changing innovation – we like to call 'the HUB'. Housed in a secure and resilient ex-Government facility, the HUB is a suite of high specification hardware accessed remotely by our team, letting them collaborate seamlessly together using cutting-edge tools on highly complex engineering, construction and infrastructure projects. No matter where you are or when you need us - we can help you deliver your next amazing product or development.

However even though we have turned upside down how we work, our service is rooted firmly in traditional values - we believe strongly in delivering value to our clients, saving them time and money, making the complex simple and ensuring long-term relationships.

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the TEAM

Deeo is nothing without its team and WOW are we lucky to have these people in ours! Our liberating way of working attracts the Best to the Best, a likeminded team of humans that want to deliver great things.

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the HUB

Let us tell you more about where we collaborate and create amazing solutions together with our clients. The HUB is the centre of everything we do and gives us an infinitely scalable, secure and powerful place to all work.

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YOUR partner

We truly believe our game-changing ability to deliver an experienced team of experts, fully equipped with the most appropriate tools for the job and can work as if “at elbow” with you and your team.

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Safe and Sound

Whatever we do for you, feel safe in the knowledge that your data is secure in a MoD secure datacentre – not on a laptop left on a train… That safe in fact we are now registered to host government projects!

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Let Deeo help you digitally engineer your next projects to save time and money by getting it right ‘on screen’.

We look forward to talking to you soon.

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