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Safe and Sound

the HUB is located in a £10+ million ex Government facility in the heart of the UK, this tier 4 aligned data centre has security and resilience at its core and can be off-GRID for 28 days!

Throughout all the support we give to our clients - from concept > delivery > hosting your product data – both Deeo’s team and your team can access your data from anywhere in the world – all from one secure place - the HUB.
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We take your security very seriously – no more memory sticks and valuable intellectual property being passed around! Can any of your other professional service providers offer this level of care, accessibility and security of your precious data? We selected the location of the HUB as we needed to ensure ALL our client’s security requirements were met. Have a look at our facility > then decide if your current design partner can match this?
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Due to the levels we take in securing all the data we create and host, Deeo are proud to be an approved supplier to the UK governments G-Cloud Framework.
The G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services. These services are divided into 3 categories. We provide cloud platforms or infrastructure services that help authorities deploy, manage, run, process, store and control data in our cloud.
So, no matter what your project, large or small, you can be safe in the knowledge that we truly ensure your data is safe and sound.

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